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Location Address: 1548 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33129

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ONLY $125

($500 IN VALUE!)


Take your marketing to the next level! Doxxa Studio, one of South Florida's top luxury real estate video teams, is offering an exclusive $125 promotional video shoot for realtors at The Residences at 1428 Brickell in Miami. Each agent will receive a 60-second Instagram Reel Video with the purpose of attracting potential buyers to this luxury pre-construction residence. This video package will consist of a one-on-one 20 minute session, professional editing, music, brief dialogue and any desired branding logo. You have the option of adding to your package script writing and a professional lifestyle headshot. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!  

  • Who writes my script?
    You have the option to prepare your own script. If you do not feel confident in developing and wording your script, for only $15 more, our team will prepare an original script for you in advance to help you sound like the professional you are! For those who prefer to write their own, please keep in mind that your script can be no more than 4 sentences in order to fit within the 30 second time window. Details on the property will be provided to you upon booking.
  • If I book multiple videos in my session, what topics can I cover?
    If you book a package for more than one video, you can discuss different aspects about the property. The videos must either directly or indirectly relevant to the purpose of selling this project. For example, one video can be about the residences, another can be about the amenities and another video can be about the general location and lifestyle of the area. Another idea to make a video giving home-buying tips. If you choose to write your own script, we require that it be sent to us for review in advance for efficiency purposes. Please note that this service cannot be used to make a video to simply showcase you as a realtor. That is reserved for our Agent Bio Video service, which we would be happy to discuss pricing with you on this!
  • Do I have to speak while on camera?
    The standard structure of the video is to have you deliver a brief introduction statement on the intro and the rest of the script is to be delivered as a voiceover while showing lifestyle footage of the project and of you touring the property. While we do encourage you to deliver your first line speaking while on camera, we understand that some do not feel comfortable doing so. So as an alternative, you may deliver your entire dialogue as a voiceover!
  • Can I choose the music for my video?
    While you are more than welcomed to give us an example of the vibe you have in mind for music, the music we use is royalty free, allowing you to have the appropriate licenses to use in your marketing.
  • Can I request creative revisions to my video after it's finished?
    Yes, the first revision is free of charge. Additional revisions will be $35.
  • How long does it take to receive my video?
    The turnaround time is 7 days following your shoot! It is possible that you will receive it sooner, but you can expect a maximum of 7 days.
  • If applicable, can I add the Agent-Drone feature onto my package after I've already booked my session?
    This strictly depends on availability. If other agents fill up the time slots, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to add our Agent-Drone feature after your time of booking. We highly recommend you add the aerial drone feature to your package at the time of booking.
  • Do I get to choose which headshot picture gets retouched?
    Absolutely! After the shoot, we will send you the raw images of your headshots and you will select the one you want to be retouched! You also have the option to edit additional headshots for $25 per image


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